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Anarchy In The UK

by | 5th, July 2005

‘IF only Edinburgh had taken a leaf from Kent’s Bluewater shopping centre and banned hoodies.

Just like at Notting Hill, the police get into the spirit of carnival

Then we could have seen the painted faces of the protestors who have arrived in the city to protest about everything.

As the Times says, the G8 summit does not begin until tomorrow, but already anarchists and police have held running battles.

Fighting anarchists must be a very complex things, what with their opposition to any form of governance, the command, “This way brothers” can only lead to the militants fanning out all over the place.

But it does make for a good read. And today we get to take our Live 8 motherf****** hands down from the air and stop waving them like we just don’t care and employ them to smash the state.

This creates a photo in the Telegraph of a cop (identifiable by his “POLICE” vest) brandishing a truncheon as he attempts to fend off a bunch of activists at the Carnival for Full Enjoyment.

Taking a break from the mayhem, Tom Haplin, assistant chief constable of Lothian and Borders Police, turns to the Times’s man on the scene.

“We were facing a hardcore of determined activists supported by hangers-on,” says he.

Sounds bad.

But there is a solution. And we humbly suggest that next time the G8 summit is held it is done so during the football season when the police are more battle-hardened and men prone to confrontation and mobile phone-throwing have another outlet for their pain…

Paul Sorene’

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