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Camilla’s Popularity Flags

by | 7th, July 2005

‘WHILE the Sun wraps itself in the flag to celebrate the London Olympics, the Mail says that not everyone is happy to wave it.

Many happy returns, ma’am

News is that an order of fly the Union Jack next Sunday, July 17, to mark the Duchess of Cornwall’s 58th birthday is to be ignored by those who do not approve of her.

Buckingham Palace has added Camilla to the list of Royals to be honoured by having the nation’s flag flown on their birthdays.

But those loyal to the memory of Diana are not happy. They are prepared to fly in the face of the directive.

The Mayor of Crewe and Nantwich in Cheshire, one Maureen Grant, tells the Mail she is uncomfortable with honouring Camilla.

“After what Charles and Camilla did to Diana,” says she, “there’s no way we should honour her in this way.” She finds the whole thing “distasteful”.

Brian Jarvis, Mayor of Wigan, is less than chuffed. “To find that all of a sudden she’s regarded as part of the establishment and that therefore we are expected to fly the flag for her is something I do find rather hard to stomach.”

And on it goes, as dignitaries from all over the country say how unhappy they are that Camilla is to be honoured.

But something must be flown lest the council be accused of disloyalty to the crown.

And while some bigwigs and Di-hards will champion the idea of running Camilla up a flagpole, others can display their patriotism and displeasure all at once with a hoisted pair of Union Jack Y-fronts, bra or saddle…

Paul Sorene’

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