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Life Goes On

by | 8th, July 2005

‘THERE is a temptation to talk about how Big Brother’s Mikosi did bonk Anthony in the big Brother pool and, since she takes no birth control, perhaps create the world’s first example of actual human pond life.

Perhaps in doing so, we can support the idea of life carrying on as normal for British people.

Only it’s hard; the Sun lets us at the Big Brother housemates but only after over 20 pages of carnage, death and terror.

“OUR SPIRIT WILL NEVER BE BROKEN,” vows the Sun on its front page, those words written in deepest black ink below shots of a bombed-out bus, a man with horrific wounds and the news that 53 are dead.

The Sun is often given over to jingoism and anachronistic references to the World War II, but today its mention of the spirit of the Blitz is apt.

“WORST SINCE BLITZ,” says the paper, as it reminds its readers that in matters of terror, Londoners are well practised.

But while Sun readers can just flip their daily read over to the sport pages and hear how Dame Kelly Holmes says the “disgusting, cowardly, awful thing” will not damage London’s Olympic programme, and how Craig Bellamy took a £10,000 a week pay cut to move from Newcastle to Blackburn Rovers, the Mirror’s audience cannot.

The paper focuses only on the grim news from London. Whereas it, like all papers, had been publishing pictures of jubilant Londoners celebrating the city’s 2012 Olympics earlier in the week, it now carries only shots of bloodied faces.

And instead of tales of spoilt footballers, how England cricketer Marcus Trescothick spent a glorious part of his yesterday smashing an unbeaten 104 runs in a win over the Australians (the Mail’s foremost back page), it has Tony Blair’s reaction to the terrorist outrage in full.

Perhaps it’s be better if the paper hadn’t wrapped itself in the horror, offered it readers a handy alternative, an escape into sports parallel world.

But at least Tony’s words are spot on. “When they try to intimidate us, we will not be intimidated,” begins the prime minister, ending his message with: “We will not be terrorised.”

And he’s right. We won’t be…

Paul Sorene’

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