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Tummy Troubles

by | 8th, July 2005

‘YOU’D be forgiven for thinking that Katie Price doesn’t worry too much about what her tummy looks like.

Tums up

Such is the girth of her gargantuan Jordans chances are she hasn’t seen her stomach at firsthand for some time.

But Katie’s body is her fortune, and, ever the professional, she has worked hard since the birth of her second son to get her stomach as flat as her singing voice.

But still Katie isn’t happy. Talking to OK!, she grabs the “fat” on her tummy and says that at 9st 2lb she needs to lose at least a stone to get back in her idiosyncratic shape.

And to that Katie needs to burn come calories. And what better way to do that than with a good chin workout with OK!, the magazine that cares enough to listen.

By way of a warm up, OK! invites Katie to tell us why she opted for a Caesarean.

It’s a story we’ve heard before, but it gets better with the telling. And on this occasion we get to hear about a “funny membrane” the medics noticed in one of Katie’s scans.

On to stage two of the Mums & Tums keep-fit regime, and it’s boyfriend Peter Andre’s turn to keep things moving.

Pete had been getting ready for the birth of little Junior. In preparation for seeing the epidural needle – “it’s my biggest fear” – Peter was confronting his demons.

“I was even doing role-play with Claire, my manger, she pretending to be the doctor with the needle to calm me down!”

Before Peter lifts his top and shows us his stomach, and how it, like Katie’s, has regained its ante-natal flatness, he hands back to Katie.

She’s now ready for the big push, geared up to deliver the calories-busting birth story. It’s a pretty gruelling read, as we watch the knife go in and see the baby come out.

Then it is Peter’s moment to dash upstairs to the hospital waiting room to tell their parents, other fiends, other family and assorted cheerleaders the good news.

But what’s this? Junior only weighs 5lb 13oz. Not a terrible weight, but Jordan wants to lose more.

So it’s on the phone for a professional trainer and a fitness video…’

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