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Going For Church

by | 8th, July 2005

‘WONDER what would have happened had Aled Jones got in touch with his wild side, talked about his drinking and dated a rugby player?

Seen it

What with whistle-voiced Aled having matured from a nice young boy into an upright young man, we may never know.

But we do get to see what his female equivalent, Charlotte Church, has turned into. And – pie Jesu! – she’s got in touch with her wild side, told us about her boozing and dated a rugby player.

In short, she’s spent much of the last year telling us everything we thought we never wanted to know about what it is to be Charlotte.

But what does Charlotte think of romance? “Romance. Yes, romance. I’m a bit of a romantic, I’d say. All you’ve got to do is romance me.” And buy you a drink?

What about all the tabloid scrutiny into her life. You know the countless stories about this boyfriend, that drink, this holiday and that romantic row in the street?

“It’s just the same s**t, different day, really, isn’t it?” says she. “It’s just b*****ks, basically! The press are the f***ing bane of my life. But there you go…”

And there your agent goes. Your publicist goes. Your mother goes. Hey, even your celebrity boyfriend goes.

And there we go…’

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