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Blue Is The Colour

by | 11th, July 2005

‘WE have no more desire to be pedantic than the next Homo sapiens but what does Britney Spears mean when she says if her baby is a boy she wants blue roses by his crib?

‘Roses are red, roses are blue, roses do whatever I want them to’

Yes, we know it sounds simple enough. And, like you, we do have an ardent desire to give the pop tart what she wants. We want to see her happy, and dread to think what effect not having the right roses beside his little head will have on the little love.

But blue roses… The Enquirer says that if it’s a girl, then Britney wants the “birthing” room at the Scottsdale Healthcare Shea hospital bedecked with pink roses.

That we can do. No problem. Britney Junior will have pink roses. The deserts of Arizona will bloom.

And if she wants the nurses who’ll be tending to her every need to be interviewed by her mom, Lynne, then that’s just fine.

We tremble at the thought of Britney, high on hormones and love being gripped by the urge to name her first born after the medial professional closest to hand, she wants to avoid naming her nipper Abi, Titmuss or Florence.

But it’s those blue roses… It’s not good. She can’t have them. To quote the BBC’s Science & Nature website: “Nature has placed limits on colours of flowers that can be achieved via traditional breeding.

For example, a blue-coloured rose or carnation could never exist naturally because these species lack a gene for blue colouring.”

Our extensive database of gardening know how tells us that the gene of the enzyme that produces the blue pigment, delphinidin, is not found in rose petals to begin with.

That’s it. End of. Rose are red. They are not blue. Violets are blue. The sky is blue. Britney’s videos are blue.

It has to be a girl or else Britney will not get her wish. Unless… It’s back to the books for some more news from the world of roses.

It seems that thanks to the wonders of man-made genetics, you can now buy a blue rose. But it’s not a natural blue. It’s a forced blue.

Which may well be okay if Britney opts for a Caesarean birth; but if she goes for a natural birth, we fear our floral tribute will be not in keeping with the look.

And that will never do…’

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