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Lairy Mary

by | 11th, July 2005

‘WE haven’t seen much of Mary-Kate Olsen; but, then, there isn’t much of Mary Kate-Olsen to see.

So good they named her twice

But the Enquirer has looked, and after much searching and telescoping it has spotted the diminutive starlet “Dirty Dancing” at Naomi Campbell’s 35th birthday party in the South of France.

Those of use who have ever been to the French Riviera and tuned in our radio to “le pop francais” will know that to dance in those regions requires a complete lack of coordination, zero rhythm and the belief that pop started and ended with Voyage Voyage and Joe Le Mini Cab Driver.

But still Mary-Kate, so good they named her twice, gave it her best shot and put her feet, arms, lips, torso and buttocks to good use.

And she was not alone. Because dancing with her was her boyfriend of two months standing, Greek shipping heir (please write in and tell us what Greek man about town is not heir to a flotilla of boats) Stavros Niarchos III.

Those who know Stavros, and we now include ourselves in his elite coterie of pals, know him to be an “ex-professional kite-border”.

Kite-boarding is clearly a very young man’s game, because at just 19 years old Stavros has stopped doing it.

He’s now using his sporting prowess, stamina and honed body to get to grips with Mary-Kate, with whom he was, as one observer/voyeur puts it, kissing “like something from Gone With The Wind”.

Only with no slaves, and before a partying crowd comprised of playboys with cashmere jumpers draped over their shoulders and brown penny loafers on their sockless feet…

Paul Sorene’

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