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Facing The Truth

by | 11th, July 2005

‘WAS the wave of bombs in London the prelude to more carnage or the culmination of a concerted terrorist plot to kill?

City worker Jamie Gordon, 30, is missing

No need to think about that one too hard because the harbinger of doom and gloom that is the Express knows the answer: “BOMBERS WILL STRIKE AGAIN.”

As if the hangover from last week wasn’t unsettling enough, the Express starts the working week with the news that a massive search is on to catch the perpetrators of the London atrocity before they strike again.

But where will be hit next? When will another attack come? Who will be behind it?

Usually when such vital matters are debated, the Express poses what it believes to be the key question and asks its readers to answer it via a phone vote.

But there isn’t one today, leaving us with no way of knowing where we think the bombs will be, which place could be hit or who we believe will carry any attack out.

And there’s more anxiety-inducing speculation in the Mail, where the paper says 3,000 men with British links have trained for murder at Osama Bin Laden’s terror camps.

And that’s not a number the paper has dreamt up, but one suggested as possibly being what could be, just might be, the number of operating British–born or British-based terrorists by ex-Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Stevens.

That sounds a lot. Perhaps he’s right. Perhaps he’s wrong. But let’s not speculate on Stevens’s guesstimate, however educated he thinks it is, and instead focus on what we do know.

And that it that people have been murdered and maimed. That’s still the main story in the Sun which talks on its front page of the “GIRL IN THE MASK”, telling its readers that the woman now famously pictured holding the eerie white surgical mask to her face is one Davinia Turrell.

She suffered horrific burns in the Edgware Road bomb and is still being treated at Chelsea and Westminster hospital.

And now come more faces, this time inside the Express. There’s a full page of faces and names – all missing, all being looked for by family and friends hoping against all rational hope that their loved ones are still alive.

After the initial shock, comes the story that the dead are not numbers, not objects to be tallied up and speculated on, but people…’

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