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The Cheeks Of It

by | 11th, July 2005

‘THOSE of you who want to stick up two fingers to the world can; those of you who want to moon at it are advised to exercise great caution.

Do not try this in jail

Take the Sun’s story of Vincent Dutton, 18, from Liscard, Merseyside.

While holidaying on the island of Zakynthos – also known as Zante – Dutton wanted to do his bit to keep spirits high.

So he hit on a plan of action. And with his trousers and pants around his ankles, he walked the length of a road in the resort of Laganas.

All the way, he was cheered on by onlookers. His friends roared in approval. At his destination, Dutton raised his arms in victory.

At which point, police approached him. Dutton was arrested. Dutton was taken to court. Dutton was given a 15 months’ jail sentence.

Public prosecutor Geroge Petrou called Dutton’s behaviour “inexcusable and uncivilised”. He was appalled.

So Dutton has been jailed. Although he will be freed is he coughs up ten euros for each day of his sentence, around £3,200.

But he says he can’t. Which means the lad’s 18-30 package tour is set to run into a gap year. And one on which we advise him to keep his trousers on, lest he arouse suspicion, and the interests of his fellow jailbirds…

Paul Sorene’

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