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Where Bald Eagles Don’t Dare

by | 12th, July 2005

‘“FORTES fortuna juvat,” says a motto of the US Air Force. “But take care when in London – it’s dangerous!”

‘Hoodie at 12 o’clock. Abort! Abort! Abort!’

Indeed, some parts of Canning Town are inhospitable to anyone not wearing a hoodie and carrying a huge burning spliff.

And walking down Oxford Street is one of life’s nastiest experiences, the road being a veritable assault course of Scandinavian tourists in Iron Maiden T-shirts and plastic policeman’s helmets, men advertising “Golf Sales” and buskers blowing into penny whistles.

But surely US military personnel, who are ready for combat at a moment’s notice, can negotiate that lot. Well, no, they cannot.

As the Times reports, American military chiefs have issued their 12,000 US Air Force staff based in the UK with a “battle staff directive” banning them from venturing anywhere within the M25 London orbital motorway.

So dangerous is London that while American tourists arrive by the busload each day, the country’s armed forces are forbidden from entering London, even if they jet in on a F15 strike bomber of the type based at RAF Mildenhall.

And the reason for this is, as Cindy Dorfner, a spokeswoman for the USAF, explains, “because the security of our people is our top concern”.

In the case of Afghanistan and Iraq such dedication towards US security meant a concerted strike to instil shock and awe in the hearts of the perceived threat.

In which case, Londoners should be relieved that on this occasion the Americans, who promise “Mors Ab Alto”, have decided to stay at home…

Paul Sorene’

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