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Your Big Break

by | 13th, July 2005

‘WHEN Old Mr Anorak passed away, his big heart exploding with too much love as he coached the Thai ladies ping-pong team at their winter training camp, the golden bat was passed to me.

Much of Anorak Towers was sold off, the proceeds sent to the many red-haired children in Bangkok our beloved benefactor treated as his own.

Money was tight, but I vowed to carry on. And months after his passing, the Anorak flame that he carried with so much passion and in defiance of doctor’s orders in his trembling hands remains alight.

And now I invite you to join the Anorak plan for world domination.

Budding writers, wannabe hacks, spoiled rich teens with a PC they’ve only ever looked at porn and people being slapped in the face on, ladies who lunch, celebrities who don’t, footballers, cutting-edge reviewers, TV watchers and more are all invited to submit their copy and ideas.

There is no guarantee your efforts will be published. But they will be read, replied to and maybe make it onto the site.

Then you can point to it with pride, get great reviews in the national press, and lie in bed at night wondering why your words are still not syndicated the world over.

For those of you who want to employ me, Paul Sorene, as a writer, to enliven your tired website, your flabby magazine, your grey newspaper, your mobile phone and your sad intranet, the opportunity remains open.

Contact me on 07980 578831 or via email on

Yours truly,

Paul Sorene’

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