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Never Again

by | 14th, July 2005

‘AFTER the horror of London comes the drive to never let it be repeated.

Philip Russell was killed

But how? Tony Blair thinks he knows. It doesn’t involve regime change in Leeds (Paul Rogerson, Chief Executive of Leeds City Council is a decent enough chap, rooted more in Barnsley than an al-Qaeda training camp).

Tony’s simple plan, as the Telegraph reports, calls upon the vast majority of law-abiding Muslims to “confront the voice of evil head on”. He wants to “mobilise the modern and true voice of Islam”.

More practically, Blair and his ministers are investigating ways of excluding and deporting those who “incite hatred”.

Fine words. Good sentiment. Very Tony Blair.

But what can we do? Paola Nicolaides, a consultant at Great Ormond Street hospital, who routinely rides the 07:48 Luton to London service, the train taken by the terrorists last Thursday, says we can all remain vigilant.

Fair enough. But people like Riaz Ahmed, from Luton, don’t appreciate being eyed up as they go to work. “I have already experienced unwelcome attention on the train since the bombings,” says he. “I know this will be worse.”

Tensions are heightened. And others see a more radical approach to stopping the terrorists.

The Times notes how the British National Party has waded into the debate in a pair of oversized bovver boots.

The BNP are canvassing in the council by-election in Becontree, Barking, trying to win support by handing out leaflets featuring a picture of the destroyed Number 30 bus, the one blown to bits in Tavistock Square.

Equipped with the headline “Maybe it’s time to start listening to the BNP”, the party’s message seems to be that if there were no immigrants and descendents of immigrants in the country there would be no more bombs.

And no need for boneheaded thugs to seek to make political capital out of a horror, who, with all the Indian doctors, Pakistani chemists, Jewish lawyers, German Royalty and Australian bar staff gone, would be left to run the country.

A thought every bit as stomach churning as a terrorist bomb…

Paul Sorene’

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