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Old Girlz In Da Hoodies

by | 14th, July 2005

‘AHHH! Take whatever you want. Don’t slap the face! Not the face! Oh, you want me to help you across the road…

Born to rock…and drool

Sorry, for that outburst. But it’s hard to remain calm when you turn a page in the Telegraph and see three hooded OAPs fixing their eyes on you.

But there is a method to this madness. The trend in wearing hoodies and going about town in the manner of an aggressive monk has been taken up by some of the elderly in a bid to confront the problem, not add to it.

The story goes that Mari Savage has enlisted friends in Margate, Kent, to dress up as urban gangstas to help reduce anti-social behaviour and crime.

Mari believes that in wearing the street style she will help make it “uncool”. Says she: “If we wear these tings, they won’t want to wear them out, will they?”

Perhaps not. Or the do-badders might just want check out your labels and mock, or, if the tags are any good, “tax” you for them.

But Mari is happy to take the risk. In any case, as she says, hoodies are nice and warm”. They are the modern day travel rug. And how cool is that!?’

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