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by | 15th, July 2005

‘AFRICA’S great isn’t it.

Privately Cherie thought Tony might have taken things too far

Thanks to Africa, lots of music fans got to see a terrific show in Hyde Park, the leaders of the G8 nations got to look good as they cancelled bits of the continent’s debt and the BBC got to eke out its dire output with Strictly African Dancing.

Cherie Blair, on account of her European roots, was not invited to take part in the show, but stirred by the dancing bug she has hotfooted it to Kenya.

The Telegraph spots Cherie, who’s in Africa “to highlight the commitment of the G8 nations to Africa” getting on down with some children from the Mathare Youth Sport Association.

The children (black skin, topless and childlike) are pictured alongside Cherie (white skin, dressed and looking like a secretary at the office Christmas party) getting down.

It’s an example of what the Telegraph calls “Cherie’s soft shoe shuffle diplomacy”.

And not to be confused with the other business of making poverty history…’

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