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Dance Of Death

by | 15th, July 2005

‘IN a storyline bizarre even by Walford standards, Danny Moon has lost his mind to salsa. No, he hasn’t joined the cast of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ (yet) – more surreally, Danny tried to kill Johnny Allen because he’d “stolen his dance”.


East End gangsters have gone to war over protection rackets, drugs and even women but you’d be hard pressed to find a single case of dancing differences. But hey! This is Walford – a place where no one owns a washing machine and Ian Beale can find four wives.

Danny decided to burn down Johnny’s house in revenge for the fact that Johnny had ‘stolen’ his idea for hosting a salsa night at club Scarlet. Johnny, believing that his daughter was in the house, rushed into the burning building and had to be rescued by firemen.

It wasn’t difficult for Johnny to discover who the culprit was since every time someone mentioned the word salsa in Danny’s hearing, he starting foaming at the mouth and rocking in a demented manner not seen since the days of Arthur Fowler’s breakdown.

Johnny drove Danny and his brother Jake out to the woods and held a gun to their heads (reasoning that the pair are so stupid that one bullet would pass through both empty skulls). But at the last minute, Johnny changed his mind – at least that’s what he told girlfriend Tina and the brother’s cousin, Alfie. The brothers haven’t been seen since so only time will tell if they’ve been buried in the forest and left to rot with all the other wood out there.

And on the subject of the dead returning, it looks like it’s only a matter of time before Den’s body rises from his concrete coffin under the cellar floor. Sharon has already commented on how the cellar floor is cracking and rumour has it that Den’s body will be discovered on the day of Sharon and Dennis’ wedding.

Kat is doing her best to insure that Chrissie never forgets that day in the Vic by constantly taunting her about her husband’s death. “If my ‘usband ever cheated on me, e’d be a dead man,” Kat smirked to Chrissie across the bar of The Vic.

Zoe told her mother everything before she jetted off to Ibiza. And if there’s one thing that Kat’s never been any good at is keeping her mouth shut. Just ask any of her regulars…’

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