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The Road Is Long

by | 19th, July 2005

‘PITY the poor teenager in his hot hatch with go-faster stripes and a massive exhaust that gapes with all the subtlety of a prostitute in an Amsterdam window at other drivers as he sits in heavy traffic.

‘Then like a sinner before the gates of heaven…’

Not his fault the traffic system runs less freely than Ann Widdecombe in a tracksuit. Tough luck that he’s been cruising along at 3mph listening to Ice T screaming about being a Cop Killer.

But he will learn. And, as the Times says, today’s valuable lesson is that the best drivers listen to middle of the road tunes, the musical equivalent of a dead hedgehog.

Music psychologist Nicola Dibben, of the University of Sheffield, has found that half of all motorists sing along while driving. (How she discovered this is, we do not learn.)

And that soothing music is the safest, even producing heightened levels of alertness in the crooning driver.

So try not to go like a bat out of hell to the hospital – at least not until Cliff Richard releases a cover version…’

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