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Bully For Me

by | 19th, July 2005

‘WE have never seen a photo of the Hello! hack who induces the great and good to tell the world how great and good they are.

Hello! Hello! Is there anybody in there?

But to our mind he wears a panama hat, a white suit and like that gracious man from Del Monte always says “yes” to his star’s demands before coating them in a sickly sweet syrup.

Or is his jacket more a white coat? We wonder because in no less than two of this week’s big interviews the celeb in the chair says how they were bullied when young.

First, there’s Penny Lancaster, who digs deep into her psyche and confides that she was bullied at school.

“…I suppose it’s a pattern that’s run thought my life,” says she, “whether it was from kids at school when modelling or even when gong out with Rod. I ignore it?”

Ignoring things does not make them go away. As any pop psychologist knows, it is only in confronting your demons via a photospread in a celebrity magazine that you can learn to love yourself, forgive they who mocked and move on.

Which bring us to patient No.2. And to protect magazine-patient confidentiality we’ll call her Liz McClarnon.

Just back from a stint on Celebrity Love Island – a place where viewers dared not go – the former Atomic Kitten singer says how she was bullied at school.

“I never thought I was good enough to do a lot of things and it came from being laughed at for trying,” says she.

“…It didn’t go on for long, but it was enough to knock my confidence.”

But once more the cure-all for such pain is a photoshoot in Hello!. The magazine equivalent of a blue wristband…’

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