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Sharking Fish

by | 20th, July 2005

‘AS is the way with such things, Sienna Miller is said to be “incandescent with rage” as her row with cheating Jude Law thunders on.

‘My midnight, my occluded front will have passed to Mrs Miggins at No. 23’

Of course, skilled actors like Sienna can do rage just as easily as they can a growing tree or a squirrel burying its nuts.

But last night her fans were disappointed when, as the Express says, Sienna pulled out of a performance of As You Like It on the London stage.

This time it wasn’t nanny Daisy Wright taking her place, but her acting understudy Denise Gough.

But while Sienna tries to work out how her nice young man became a love rat, and, as a source tells the paper, “good at breaking hearts and mucking people about”, the Mail hears tell of a yet more sensational sex story.

For fear of diluting the impact, the paper’s headline runs: “Wife-swapping claims leave Michael Fish thunderstruck.”

In his autobiography, former BBC radio executive David Benedictus alleges that Fish was part of a “sexually liberated group in South-West London”.

Not so, says Fish, who says he’s never met Benedictus, dressed, naked, in the throes of suburban passion or otherwise.

Mrs Fish agrees. “It is ridiculous,” says she. “By saying my husband was wife-swapping it automatically implicates me too. I will sue him if my husband doesn’t.”

For his part, Benedictus stands by his story, saying that though he cannot lay his hands on any evidence to support his claim of the swinging Fish, he is of the mind that the original story on which his tale is based appeared in The News Of The World some years ago.

Perhaps on one of those nights when Fish predicted a sudden hot spell and advised the wearing of nothing more than cheeky smiles indoors, outdoors and at Neighbourhood Watch meetings…’

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