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A Crying Shane

by | 21st, July 2005

‘AFTER the phoney war of the one-day internationals, England and Australia go into battle in the first day of cricket’s Ashes series.


Ok, enough. We won’t overdo the jingoism, but it’s hard to resist when flags are being waved from every newspaper and faces are daubed in patriotic red and white.

And with any war there’s propaganda. Which means that on day one of the seven-week contest, the Mirror produces a story about Australia’s Shane Warne, the hero of past campaigns and a “serial sex cheat”.

In “WILL YOU SEDUCE MY WIFE?”, the Mirror hears from Rebecca Weeden, who tells the world how Warne “begged” her to seduce his wife into having a threesome.

The plan was, allegedly, that Weeden would pretend to be an obsessed cricket fan who stumbled across Warne and his wife in a bar.

Weeden would then compliment Warne’s wife, saying how beautiful and attractive she was, one thing would lead to another, a maiden would be bowled over, the bails would come off, there would be all manner of ball tampering and Shane would score.

The plan did not work. But the other plan, the one that seems intended to unsettle Warne and make him a target as wide as his girth, goes on.

We hear how Warne loved spanking in bed and “seemed more worried about his hair falling out than his doomed relationship” with his wife.

For added impact, we see one picture of perky 20—year-old Rebecca and another shot of Simone Warne sitting on a swing with a face longer than her estranged husband’s list of sexual conquests.

She has our deepest sympathy. As does Shane…’

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