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Exporting Terror

by | 21st, July 2005

‘SINCE God, even the brutal and bigoted deity extremist Muslims adhere to, moves in mysterious ways, it was always unlikely a simple Asbo would curtail His activities.

Today Tottenham, tomorrow the Arsenal?

So Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, has been forced to rethink his anti-terror agenda, and, as the Telegraph says, he’s drawing up a list of “acceptable” religious activities.

These would include writing inflammatory articles, running a jihadist website or preaching messages of holy war.

Says Clarke: “In the circumstances we now face, I’ve decided it is right to broaden the use of these powers [to exclude people, from Britain] to deal with those who foment terrorism or seek to provoke others to terrorist acts.”

This, as the paper tells us, would lead to the exclusion of the likes of Sheikh Yussuf al-Qaradawi, who has apparently called off his speaking engagement at a rally in Manchester next month, and the expulsion of Abu Qatada, a Jordanian citizen living in the UK who has been dubbed “Osama bin Laden’s ambassador in Europe”.

But having heard a little of what militant Muslims believe, are we right in thinking that banning talk of jihad and death to the infidel is pretty much tantamount to a ban on the Koran, at least the extremists’ warped version of it?

In the Times, Omar Bakri Mohammed, the Tottenham Taliban, says on a new Islamic website that the London bombs are “not the first and will not be the last”.

He condemns the fatwa against suicide bombers endorsed by 500 imams as “clear blasphemy against Islam”.

But at least there is now a debate on how to deal with these mendacious men.

Deterred from debating the problem for fear of being labelled racist, and having watched London mayor Ken Livingstone actually embrace Qaradawi, there is now a move to confront the fanatics. Finally.’

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