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Victim Of Circumstance

by | 21st, July 2005

‘“LAND of dope and Tories, alcopops for tea…”

‘We are waving…’

Ah, there is nothing like a rousing rendition of Elgar’s Pomp And Circumstance March No. 1, with lyrics by A.C. Benson, to get the blood coursing through our veins and the small hairs on our waxed sacks, backs and cracks to stand proudly on end.

But news in the Times is that Wolverhampton council is considering doing away with the tune at its Remembrance Day festival because of what Peter O’Neill, who represents Labour on the city’s council, calls its “political connotations”.

The move will be debated in council chambers today, and O’Neill hopes Land of Hope and Glory will be consigned to history and replaced with something more fitting and now.

Want to know what he wants the new song to be? It’s Sailing, Rod Stewart’s homage to the yachting set and bunting.

Of course, the proposal has met with fierce opposition from old soldiers, who tell the Telegraph it’s “outrageous”, and from Wolverhampton’s mayor, Phil Bateman, who calls the song a “work of national recognition”.

But why not make everyone happy and get Rod to record a version of Elgar’s biggest hit? Or else dress Elgar in some leopard skin tights…’

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