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Peace In Our Time

by | 22nd, July 2005

‘BURIED in the news of pathetic bombers, calls to have Ken Livingstone impaled on a spike at the Tower of London and Shane Warne is some truly wonderful news.

Welcome to Pakistan, Mr Edmonds

We have endured. Right has prevailed. Anyone watching the telly will no longer be confronted by a babbling priapic frog on an imaginary motorbike.

The people behind the adverts for the Crazy Frog mobile phone ringtone, who choose to remain unnamed for fear of reprisals, say that because anyone who ever wanted it now has it, there’s no point in advertising the thing any more.

The Crazy Frog is dead. Anyone with it on their phone should erase it immediately.

It should be placed in lead-lined box, along with the Billy the Bass singing fish, that “You don’t have to be mad to work here but it helps” T-shirt and Noel Edmonds and lowered into a deep hole on the ground.

Or, better yet, posted to Pakistan…’

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