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by | 25th, July 2005

‘WHEN a celebrity like Kate Hudson gives birth to a gorgeous baby, a miracle child, her biggest challenge is not getting enough sleep, working out how to look after a new life form or wondering how to mention her little love at every turn – it’s getting her body back in pre-birth shape.

Kate and some personal trainers

Kate tells us that during her pregnancy she put on 60lbs. “I figured why do I need to watch my weight when I’m pregnant?” says she. “I’m gonna eat whatever the hell I want to eat.”

Why she doesn’t always eat what she wants to eat is left for another time, when we can have a full and frank debate on the matter, but for now Kate wants to tell us how she shed those pounds.

Running around after little Ryder? Being so tired that she forgot to eat? Burning calories by literally gushing about her boy (scientific research says celebrity mothers keen to lose weight should equip their child’s name with lots of calorie-busting syllables)?

No, the secret of getting in shape is to have a wonderful trainer, working out every day – “two to three hours a day for two and a half months!”

That’s not to say that gushing doesn’t have its place. Being a mum is “incredible”. It’s the most “incredible thing”. It’s “overwhelmingly” beautiful.” And it is “amazing”.

That’s 40–odd calories burnt off right there. “He came out, his eyes were wide open and the doctor says: ‘Whoa! His eyes are open!’”

That’s thirty more calories. You work it, girl.

And after the warm up, comes the really good cardio-vascular workout that goes with talking about how she and husband Chris are sharing something so “gigantic now” (Ryder weighed 8lb 11oz at birth!), and how you “just integrate your kids into your life”.

Taking things in her briskly jogging stride is admirable, but Kate doesn’t want to overdo it. So she warms down with some gentle talk about her favourite TV show (“American Idol – I just love it!”) and how being followed by the paparzzi – you know, those showbiz mag types – got “pretty bad for a while”.

And, according to our estimations, when the interview ends, Kate has worked off 309 calories, the equivalent to a generous slice of syrupy cheesecake, or twins…’

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