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State Sponsored Terrorists

by | 26th, July 2005

‘IT’S a macabre game of one-upmanship in the papers today as the Mail and Sun vie to see who has the bigger headline.

Not wanted

The Sun’s front-page headline, “BOMBER IN BENEFITS”, tells of how Somalian Yasin Hassan Omar, 24, one of the four men who tried to kill people in London last week, and now on the run, claimed £23,000 in housing benefits while living in a ninth-storey flat in Southgate, north London.

While social services and health organisations hold an ardent debate about whether living in high rise block of flats was the trigger for Omar’s murderous mania, the Mail announces: “THE BOMBERS ON BENEFITS.”

It’s a subtle change but of tactical importance to the Mail. The paper says how Omar and Muktar Said Ibraihim entered this country as asylum seekers and were given a flat which they turned into a “bomb factory”.

But before we read how the two fugitives were just your everyday Muslim fanatics, the papers would like their readers to know a little about them.

Going with the Sun’s spelling of Ibrahim, the Express says how the man also known as Muktar Mohammed Said tried to blow up the No.26 double-decker bus in east London because he “WANTS TO KILL ALL BRITONS”.

The Mail wants us to know that the man so bad they named him thrice often played football with children from Arnos Park and Broomfield secondary school. We hear that Ibraihim had a “mad tackle”.

He went in hard, although to our knowledge, his on-field aggression never earned him a yellow card. Ibraihim might well be a murderous, narcissistic bastard but he played football within the rules.

And hear a resident of north London say that Omar was a “very angry person”. (Really?) He was “a bit mad”. (Only a bit!) “At one point he showed me a picture of the Devil.”

Whether this picture was a photo of Satan or a drawing in blood, water colour or crayon is not revealed. But we do hear the resident say that he had his suspicions about his neighbours. “I have seen one or two videos of theirs which showed fighters.”

And how amazing is that. No, not the bit about them being mad, or the part about them attending the mosque in Finsbury Park where mad mullah Abu Hamza preached – the bit about the video.

Yep! They were living the high life all right – nine floors up with loadsa benefits, the latest gadgets and, very possibly, football boots…’

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