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Love In Bloom

by | 26th, July 2005

‘“BLONDE Becky said she was glad heartbroken Sienna Miller had been comforted by Orlando Bloom.” Says Becky, 24, from London: “Hopefully these shots will show Jude what it’s like to see the one you love with someone else.”

Miller in Bloom

No, not this shot, the one of caring Becky standing topless in a bed of ferns and a pair of yellow knickers, but the Sun’s front-page picture of Sienna and Orlando leering into each other’s eyes.

There are more “AMAZING PICTURES” inside the Sun, where we see Orlando and Sienna “snogging” at a polo tournament in Windsor, Berkshire.

“They spent ages cuddling, kissing and gazing at each other,” says a source. “There was real chemistry.” Later, the couple met up again and “sat with their legs entwined around each other.”

The Mail has the same shots, and spots a “clearly flustered Bloom” race off to the lavatory “where he spent 25 minutes preening his hair and testing his breath in front of the mirror”.

Good luck to him with that. And good luck to Sienna, for whom life is returning to normal after being so cruelly cheated on by Jude Law.

Indeed, life is calming down for us all, what with Page 3 back and two celebs kissing in front of a crowd making the front pages.

Finally, we can look forward to getting on with our lives, and watching Sienna’s…’

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