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Profiling Terror

by | 27th, July 2005

‘BY now, anyone reading the papers should have built up a pretty good profile of what an Islamic terrorist or a terror suspect looks like.

‘It’s a signed photo of Paul Merson’

But the London four are moving targets, and while we remain vigilant, the Sun wants us to keep learning. And today we hear that London bomber Muktar Mohammed Said supported Arsenal football club – just like Osama Bin Laden!

The clue was of course in the Arsenal nickname – the Gunners – but it’s easy to be wise, to see the clues, after the event.

And things do not end there. The paper tells its readers that Said served time in jail for being part of an Asian gang that used to mug people at knifepoint.

What’s more, at school, the Eritrean-born Said was a “menacing, drug-smoking bully”. He was, as the headline succinctly puts it: “ROBBER, DRUGGIE, BOMBER.”

Listing Said’s life achievements in that order suggests they are on a path. It’s like listening to a drugs czar who tells us that sniffing indelible pens in class leads to glue, leads to cannabis, leads to heroin, leads to addiction, leads to selling your granny for cash.

If so, where would Arsenal fit in? Somewhere between “Robber” and “Druggie”, or lower down the chain of descent?

And then, of course, there is the Internet. Forget for a moment paedophiles in chat rooms, porn at work and Cliff Richard fan sites and know that the web is a sink of rabid Muslim extremism.

And many jihadists may well be logging onto a site run by Saudi dissident Muhammad Al-Massari.

As the Express reports, his sites feature live decapitation, suicide bombings and language to “mobilise young Muslims to wage holy war against the West”.

There may even be a link to the official Arsenal website. But we haven’t looked because the sites are revolting and because our eyes have been attracted to a shot of Al-Massari holding hands with George Galloway MP in celebration of the law’s decision to let him stay in the UK.

And then there are Al-Massari’s glasses, or bins, as they are known among Londoners. They are of the type that magnify the eyes, making them appear huge and bulbous.

This might or might not be significant. We cannot be sure, and may only truly know with the benefit of hindsight. But like the papers, we think you should be aware of it.

So bear these things in mind as you remain vigilant. More to come tomorrow…’

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