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by | 27th, July 2005

‘“IS Camilla being turned into the Queen Mum?” asks the masthead atop the Mail.

Stick pins in your eyes…now!

For added intrigue, there are accompanying shots of the dear old Queen Mum and Camilla each holding aloft a glass of beer.

Inside that paper, Christopher Wilson says that there is a campaign to “characterise Camilla not as a successor to Diana but as a senior, benign and altogether more grounded individual”.

How so? “Screw up your eyes,” says Wilson, “suspend your disbelief and think – Queen Mother!”

It’s true, looking through the wrinkled lids, Camilla could be the Queen Mum. And screwing them yet tighter, sees Camilla become all manner of swirls and pink dots. Stick your fingers in them hard and Camilla might even look like Diana.

And having stared so, you’ll think you’re seeing double as you arrive at the Mail’s other Camilla story and spot a picture of Annabel Elliot, Camilla’s sister.

And Charles will be seeing lots more of Annabel who, as the paper says, has been employed as the interior designer for three of the Duchy of Cornwall’s holiday homes.

Royal aides insist that Annabel was awarded the contract on merit. But Labour MP Ian Davidson, a member of the Commons public accounts committee, smells something fishier than the Queen Mum.

“The first issue is the question of cronyism,” says he. “The award of contacts to your own relatives would not be acceptable in any local authority in the country.”

He goes on: “It’s not just a lucrative contract – being able to say, ‘I do work for the Duchy of Cornwall’ gives you a certain social cachet.”

But what of the work? Is it any good? Well, apparently it is. And the Mail tells us that Annabell’s work features “cool, whitewashed walls and ceilings and country-style furnishing”.

It looks pretty good. Although if it’s not to your taste, you can always down a pint of gin and look at it through squinted eyes…’

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