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Terrorist Charged

by | 28th, July 2005

‘THE news is not unexpected: the terrorists who hit London twice planned to detonate more bombs in the capital.

Nailing the bombers

“DEATH IN A BOTTLE,” says the Mail’s front page. “This nail bomb is one of 16 lethal devices left in the terrorists’ hire car.”

It’s not instantly clear that the grainy image in shadowy black and white is a picture of one of the nail bombs. The object is grotesque in appearance, made up of what looks like an old-fashioned milk bottle with studs stuck on it and a straw poking out of the top.

But it is a bomb. Those are nails. And it’s a shot that appears again on the covers of the Express and Sun.

“HORRIFIC,” yells the Sun. And in case you are in any way unsure that a nail bomb presents a danger to your health, the Sun goes on: “Studded with nails to rip us to bits, gang had 16 of these bombs in car boot.”

That’s a pretty uncomplicated explanation of what a nail bomb can do.

And the paper sticks with simple things as it re-enacts the arrest of one of the four failed suicide bombers, Yasin Hassan Omar.

“WE’VE GOT HIM,” says the paper triumphantly. “Suspect zapped with 50,000 volts.” (Omar was hit with a Taser stun gun.) “Cop: I never saw anybody so scared.”

Disappointingly, the Sun’s computer-generated images of events at the semi-detached house in Birmingham, where the law caught up with Omar, fail to show the fear etched on the man’s face; but do reveal that he was barefoot and wearing a white vest and blue trousers when he was literally charged. He was also in the bathroom.

There was indeed, as the Mail says, “DRAMA IN A BIRMINGHAM SUBURB”. And this paper’s cartoonist has taken the trouble to show the pain and fear on Omar’s face, who’s now dressed in grey pants, a blue top and wearing his trademark black rucksack.

What we are watching is “THE SHOCKING POWER OF THE TASER”, a firearm which the Mail thinks it’s important its readers know the workings of.

But there’s no need to bother you with the details, and since this is the Internet, the threat that you will convert your water pistols and pipe bombs into one these devices is very real. So just know that the Blast “causes intense pain”.

Admittedly, “Big electric shock hurts” is not a sensational headline, but it should disturb the three bombers who remain at large, the person who made their bombs and they who shelter them…’

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