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Marriage Spin

by | 28th, July 2005

‘JUST as “confirmed bachelors” of old are now known as “gay men”, the Government thinks the time is ripe to reclassify society’s sensibly-shoed distaff element.

‘With these cock rings, I thee wed’

So in keeping with the new Civil Partnership Act, designed to extend the legal status and rights enjoyed by heterosexual couples to homosexual couples, “spinsters” will now be known as “singles”.

As the Times reports, the word, with all it connotations of a lonely, frustrated, frumpy women in opaque tights, will be deemed unacceptable when the Act comes into effect on December 5. And, in keeping with the homogenised approach to the sexes, men will also be “singles”.

As a spokesman for the Registrar General’s Office says: “Men and women will be described as single in both civil partnerships and civil registered weddings.”

Which, along with the exchange of the nipple rings, will form a key and beautiful part of the new marriage ceremony…’

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