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For Old Timer’s Sake

by | 1st, August 2005

‘REMEMBER how OK! promised to show you Posh and Catherine Zeta Jones “AS YOU’VE NEVER SEEN THEM BEFORE”?

Zorro was big in the 50s

Well, like you were still trying to work out what’s new in any of the pictures OK! carries on Her Poshness.

But La Jones does looks new as she shows off her peroxide blonde wig.

OK! says the Welsh actress has become “a mistress of disguise”. Having nipped into a Beverly Hills hotel in a Mickey Mouse T-shirt and leggings, she emerged wearing a 1960s-style black dress, a pair of massive sunglasses and that wig.

“But why the get-up?” asks OK!. And it soon has what it thinks is the answer, claiming the look was for party in honour of hubby Michael’s dad Kirk Douglas.

Always good to get on with eh in-laws. But is OK! right?

Given the age of said Michael(b. 1944), could it be that the Mickey Mouse shirt and the Marilyn Monroe tribute are all part of a scheme to make her man feel younger.

When Mickey was introducing the kids to his cutting-edge club (1954) Michael was a boy; when Marilyn Monroe was making young boys wrestle with awkward dreams, Michael was at an impressionable age.

This is, of course, only an idea. And we’re sure OK! is correct. But still, if you do see Catherine in a Ben Hur-style toga (1959), a Scrooge bed hat, or peeling on a pair of tights a la Mrs Robinson (1967) don’t be too surprised…’

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