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When In Rome

by | 1st, August 2005

‘THE Telegraph’s front-page headline that the Tube bomber suspect caught in Rome had fled London by Eurostar is not heartening.

All escape routes lead to Rome

Just when border security was supposed to be at its tightest, when the ring of steel was lowered around the British Isles with a satisfying clunk, Hussain Osman walked through London’s Waterloo station and boarded a train to Paris.

And this a station bedecked with CCTV pictures of the man accused of being the Shepherd’s Bush bomber.

It’s time to hear from that slippery Blair lickspittle Groff Hoon, former defence secretary and now Leader of the Commons. He tells the paper of the Government’s “concern” that this was allowed to occur.

Concern? What about embarrassment and the realisation that no amount of CCTV, checks and vigilance can stop everyone. So much for ID cards.

But let’s not be too hard on the security services. David Davis, the shadow home secretary, may bemoan the country’s “porous” borders, but anyone who saw the grainy, blurred image of the Shepherd’s Bush bomber would be hard pressed to identify the man in the flesh, especially in a sea of faces at a train station.

Meanwhile, the Times hears of the man himself. Over in Rome, where he’s being held, Osman says his failed bomb had nothing to do with the first attack on London.

Speaking through his lawyer, one Antonietta Sonnesa, a woman described as a minor celebrity” in Italy, blessed with “bronzed skin, long black hair and plunging neckline”, we learn: “My client says his action was purely demonstrative. In fact, all four attempts did not result in any injury or damage at all.”

Hey, stop stroking your chin and sneering. And stop sweeping up the glass that shattered on the No.26 bus as loud bang was heard. A lawyer is talking.

And Antoinetta is saying how her client is “not a violent person” and “made sure he would not cause any damage, death or injuries”. And how did he do this? Answer: by strapping a bomb studded with nails to his body and riding a huge city’s busy Tube system. How can you be more peace loving and safe than that?

But while lawyers working for the British Government search for a flaw in Hussain’s defence, the Times’s front page says a third terror group, made up of British Muslims, thought to be of Pakistani origin, is at large.

The paper says that this Muslim gang do have links with the Leeds cell behind the July 7 murders and, as a source says, are believed to be plotting to attack London.

And they won’t just be armed with lawyers…’

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