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When Celebrities Attack

by | 1st, August 2005

‘“REALITY television has sunk to new depths…” writes the Times.

A megamouth shark

This is an astounding claim. Not even Dante could have imagined a level of Hell beneath that where a clutch of Z-list celebs go to a tropical island for the purpose of loadsa shagging.

We are intrigued as to what this latest twist on the reality TV theme is. And news is that it’s a format that’s not – yet – been done-to-death.

New show Celebrity Shark Bait transports celebs to an area off the South African coast known as Shark Alley, puts them in a cage – or a tin can of human in brine, as sharks believe them to be – and lowers them into the waters.

This is awful. No, not for us – the prospect of seeing the likes of Ruby Wax and Richard E. Grant turned into shark feed is as delicious for us as it is for the sharks. No, the awfulness is felt by some environmental groups who say the show is humiliating to dangerous animals.

Anyone who’s seen Wax’s terrifying maw cannot doubt that. But what of the sharks..?’

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