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by | 1st, August 2005

‘WHO’S that blonde kissing David Beckham in the Mirror? Why, it’s none other than Julie from Suffolk, planting a smacker on the footballer’s cheek as he leaves a London eatery.

Arduum sane munus

The paper looks on as Julie, in town to celebrate her 38th birthday, threw her left arm around Day-vid’s neck and had him in a grip “he could not get out of”.

As an eyewitness says: “Victoria did not say a word but her frown said it all.” Says an onlooker: “Victoria had a face like thunder. She was fuming.”

While football watchers wonder what would have occurred had middle-aged Julie been armed with a bomb, or thrown herself at Wayne Rooney, the Mail notices something odd in the Beckham car.

As the couple left the restaurant, and while Julie was attracting the attention of the Mirror, Dave and Posh, the Mail peered into the Beckham motor.

And it noticed how the Beckhams have had their own coat of arms, the one commissioned for their wedding in 1999, stitched onto the leather headrests of their luxury limousine.

For its readers’ aggrandisement, the paper reproduces the family crest, which shows a white swan sitting atop a crown. Beneath hangs the motto “Love, Friendship”.

As with modern football, the Beckhams have steered away from the old Latin mottos in favour of a language that can be more easily understood beyond the Latin confines of the Catholic clergy and prep schools.

But not all is modern and voguish, and William Hunt, an expert in matters heraldic at the College of Arms, says the design is “bad”. The use of letters and numbers hasn’t been done since the Middle Ages.

And those letters? Why, a “V” followed by a “D”, naturally – fitting for any royal seat…’

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