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Law’s An Ass

by | 4th, August 2005

‘IF Jude Law was concerned about being “the most hated man in Britain” when news of his affair with nanny Daisy Wright emerged two weeks ago, he should be really worried now.

Jude the insecure

For not only did he cheat on English rose Sienna Miller – Has she not fragrance? Has she not elegance? Has she not boho chic? – but he apparently did so while she was pregnant.

The 23-year-old actress is said to have discovered that she was expecting a little love rat just days before she found out that her fiance was a bigger love rat.

That at least is the claim of Star magazine, a supermarket tabloid in the US with even less of a reputation for truth than its namesake on this side of the Atlantic.

Nevertheless it’s a claim that is spurious enough for the British Star to report as fact.

It tells its readers how the couple had even discussed names for the baby, how Jude’s betrayal had left Sienna “devastated” at the prospect of life as a single mum and how she has vowed never to get back with the man who broke her heart.

The Sun is a bit more circumspect, employing the journalist’s favourite ruse for reporting wild and almost certainly unfounded rumours like these – the rhetorical question.

“Is Sienna pregnant?” asks its front page – to which the correct answer on the part of the paper’s readership is: “You tell us. You’re the newspaper, aren’t you?”

Inside, things become no clearer as the paper talks to one of Sienna’s friends who says: “If she is pregnant, we don’t know about it.”

However, the Sun insists that, bun or no bun, a reconciliation between Miller and the man who will forever merit the tabloid epithet “love rat” is on the cards.

“Jude is doing everything he can to prove to her how committed he is to their future,” a pal says.

“And he has told her he’s like to have a family with her.”

As long as he gets to choose the nanny…’

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