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Breast Of British

by | 5th, August 2005

‘WHEN Orlaith teetered away from the Big Brother house she knew that each step would take her ever closer to fulfilling her dream of appearing topless on the Sun’s Page 3.

Orlaith – a cocktail of E numbers and additives

Now she who dared has achieved her life’s ambition and today Sun readers can see the Belfast-born Big Brother bottler showing the world her outrageously pert 30E falsies.

“I just love my boobs and call them my ‘little babies,’” says Orlaith. “But I never expected to have the best-known pair in the country.”

And that’s good because Orlaith’s surgically-enhanced talents aren’t the best known pair in the land, that honour going to her former Big Brother agonist Craig, who has the kind of chest a pre-op Orlaith must have fantasised about.

But the bigger shock is that Orlaith doesn’t use her elevated position to tell us what she thinks of the Sun’s “SAVE OUR JUGS” campaign.

The story so far is that “po-faced” EU “killjoys” have ordered our barmaids to stop wearing low-cut tops when they go outside to serve beer and collect glasses in case they contract skin cancer.

So the Sun has lined up seven pneumatic pint pourers and induced them to show their doubles as they lean towards the snapper’s lens.

Amazingly, the Sun looks up long enough to notice that the girls have mouths and hears what the likes of blonde Louise (34D) has to say – “They can’t make people cover up. It’s how we get tips. If I covered up I’d be skint.”

Tash, a 30E, puts things in a global perspective when she says: “With all that is going on at the moment, I don’t think this issue should be foremost in their minds.”

Which it wouldn’t be if the girls just covered up…’

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