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Water Proof

by | 5th, August 2005

‘FORGET Israel with its rivers of milk and honey and head to Italy where the waterways are busting at the banks with primo cocaine.

Also available in ice

The Times says that scientists testing water have discovered that the Po, Italy’s biggest river, carries the equivalent of 4kg of the drug each day, worth an estimated £200,000.

But while we work out how to extract the white gold from the waters, and cocaine prospectors descend on the northern parts of Italy, the paper tells us why this is.

It seems that cocaine users who live by the river consume the drug and then excrete a metabolic by-product called benzoylecginine. This then passes into the sewer system and then into the river.

And, if anyone is enterprising enough, the water then flows into bottles of designer water, which retail at £25 a litre and contain a healthy balance of minerals, chemicals and an invigorating effervescence that mere bubbles cannot match…’

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