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Eviction Night

by | 8th, August 2005

‘EVER since Michelle Bass and Stuart Wilson first clapped eyes on each other, their relationship has prompted many questions.

‘I wish I was in Macclesfield’

Did they really fancy each other, or was their Big Brother romance a sting to extend their time in fame’s spotlight a while and get them that gig as bringers of OK!’s “EXCLUSIVE” BB updates?

Did they shag under a table on the show? If life were a salad, which vegetables would they be? And are they still going out.

Many answers have been given – ours: yes; yes; beetroot and cauliflower; yes – but many are unsure.

And the couple have not helped their public with their recent shenanigans. Two weeks ago, they were no longer an item. Then, last week, they were back together and on holiday in Florida.

Now they’ve broken up again. If you don’t believe us, take Michelle’s word for it. She says that Stuart is not the most thoughtful person in the world.” Oh? “In fact, he is very selfish and afraid to grow up.”

Then, by way of a clincher we can all relate to, Michelle says of her former soul mate: “He wants to be 17 and hang out in Macclesfield.”

It’s an ambition any man can relate to. But Michelle is unimpressed. And Stu is 21…’

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