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by | 8th, August 2005

‘IN more genteel times, the worst thing you could expect to see in a car park was a badly executed three-point-turn.

Ruff stuff

Nowadays, you’d better have your wits about you lest a randy, clearly aroused soap star mistakes you for a fellow dogger and start jumping up and sniffing your hatchback.

This is the news in the Sun, where the paper tells us that EastEnders actor Steve McFadden gets his kicks from taking part in dogging, the “perverted sex craze”.

For this revelation we have Angela Bostock to thank. She’s McFadden’s ex-lover, the mother of his two children and the women who tells us how the actor once “demanded” she have oral sex through a car door with a stranger.

While we wince at the painful consequence of a sudden gush of wind pushing said car door closed, Bostock decides that her mouth is, perhaps, best used for talking.

“Steve loved dirty old men watching us having sex in car parks,” says she. “It disgusted me and terrified me but he told me it was normal – and that if we didn’t do it he couldn’t guarantee staying faithful to me.”

So off they went, touring the highways and byways on the prowl for other doggers.

But you might have missed Steve because he allegedly wore a spiky blonde pantomime wig, glasses and spoke in a fake Irish accent. This, as the paper tells us, was “so he wouldn’t get recognised by fans” – presumably these are fans of EastEnders and not fellow fans of dogging.

They went to car parks off the A3, to Epping Forest, dallied in dogger friendly bits of the New Forest, in service stations and at least once toured the continent on a romantic dogging mini-break to Paris.

The Sun tells us that Steve and Angela also used to go dogging in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, close to the EastEnders set – a claim that invokes an image of the show’s cast members all dressed up in ridiculous pantomime outfits, spouting absurd accents and shoving fleshy things (also disguised with wigs and moustaches) through car windows and up exhausts.

It’s like the plot of a bad movie – or a yet-to-be-told modern and challenging soap storyline…’

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