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Demi Pair

by | 10th, August 2005

‘DEMI and Leo, Walford’s very own Romeo and Juliet for the Chav nation, are about to discover that true love doesn’t always triumph, especially when there’s a ratings war on.

But can they hold the plot up?

The star-crossed lovers are holed up in a squat with baby Aleesha and just nine pounds to their name. Luckily though, Leo, like all true Chavs, has a wide skills set; it only took him an hour to get set up as a self-employed businessman – dealing heroin.

It transpires that Leo’s dealing CV is long and illustrious, which is pretty impressive at the tender age of 14. Demi’s father, Keith, was less than impressed upon being informed by police that his prospective son-in-law was a known dealer, and promptly told the gathered journalists that a “junkie” had snatched his daughter and grand-daughter.

This headline was of course plastered all over the Walford Gazette the next day, causing a distraught Rosie to predict that her daughter would never come home again. Although if Demi takes after her father, Rosie will have nothing to fear because she won’t be able to actually read the papers.

Luckily for all concerned, 14 year old Demi is far wiser than her parents and sends Aleesha back home to Walford, realising that a heroin squat isn’t perhaps the best place for a four-month-old child.

As anyone who’s picked up a tabloid recently will know though, it won’t be long before Demi’s reunited with her daughter as Leo discovers that sometimes the drugs do work just a bit too well.

Back in Walford true love is running a bit more smoothly for Minty – finally. He’s met a female mechanic, Emma, who not only seems to genuinely fancy him but is also a West Ham fan.

Gary, along with seven million viewers, is horrified and is doing his best to split the happy couple up. Although it’s unclear as to if he’s jealous of Minty going out with Emma or the fact that Emma’s going out with Minty.

Gary and Minty have been getting very close recently and it’s not gone unnoticed. “’Ere – you two woofters or what?” asked Mo on hearing the news that her former son-in-law was moving in with his best male mate.

Although Gary’s not gay, having been married to a Slater and lived with her four sisters, no one would blame him for giving it a bash.’

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