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Skirting The Issue

by | 15th, August 2005

‘EDITORIAL guidance at the Mail seemingly stipulates that any story on binge drinking must be illustrated with a shot of one or more fanciable young woman in a short skirt carousing in the street.

‘And… Action!’

The drinking culture, which will get worse, says the paper, is causing British society to fray at the edges. One pull on a loose thread on any of these girls’ scandalous outfits and the whole thing will unravel before our wide eyes.

But how much of a fantasy is this? No, not that binge drinking is on the rise. A report by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology says that drinking large amounts of booze in a short space of time is a “distinctive characteristic of the British drinking culture”.

Extending licensing hours, as will happen in November, will lead to more binge drinking.

No, the fantasy is that given enough booze, the young will become yet more debauched.

Evidence suggests that things will get worse, with Britain eventually turning into a modern version of the ancient Greek colony at Sybaris.

And do not doubt that the Greek way holds much appeal for today’s Britons. The Sun reports that British tourists at the Baywatch beach bar in the Greek resort of Laganas are getting into the swing of things.

It’s shocking to read that for £16, Baywatch’s esteemed patrons were invited to drink all the vodka they could. This then led to all manner of depravity, including “lesbian kisses” and “full sex”.

There was also a “sex Olympics”, in which sporty types were invited to raise the bar through oral sex and stimulating a well-known brand of confectionary with what papers routinely call a “sex act”.

And you don’t just have to take the Sun’s word for it. Here comes Ben Evans, 18, from Erith, Kent, who tells us how it was “the most shocking thing I have ever seen”. Oh? “Most people were so rat-arsed they would have done anything.”

And a 20-year-old labourer talks about the wet T-shirt contest. Jamie Mangan, 19, speaks of drink coming “pretty much out of a bucket”.

Sadly, for curious Mail readers interested in checking the place out for themselves as they motor from one Greek ruin to the next, the bar has been closed down by the local police. What’s more, the organisers face two years in jail for “creating a scandal through acts of debauchery”.

All well and good. Such atrocious behaviour degrades the participants and shames our nation.

This sobering tale illustrates how an excess of booze can only lead to more violence, more drunkenness and more shots of girls larging it in town centres…’

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