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Taking A Liberty

by | 16th, August 2005

‘“WELCOME HOME MUMMY!” says OK!, speaking on behalf of Molly and Lilly-Sue Katona-McPadding, and the nation at large.

But can Heaton get her tongue out?

After a mere month away in The Meadows Clinic, Arizona, Kerry Katona is back in Warrington.

Pushing her teeth together into a grin that says so much, and strives ardently to say so very much more, Kerry has arrived home in the nick of time.

Shamed as we are to admit it, we had almost given up on Kerry. While she was away, our minds began to drift, our hands started to wander and before long we were fingering the ‘hot stars’ magazine that come stapled within each copy of OK!.

And therein we discovered Michelle Heaton. Who she? Why she’s a member of reality band Liberty X, the ensemble made up of the talented musicians not deemed good enough to make into the line up of the now defunct Hear’Say.

And the realisation is that, like Kerry, Michelle has lots to say on lots of things. Like how Jude law has some explaining to do” if he’s to ever win back Sienna Miller.

How just like David Beckham, Michelle’s got some tattoos, “but I think you can go too far” – which probably explains why Michelle has yet to have her own name tattooed across her forehead.

And how Michelle and her boyfriend, the reality TV show reject Andy Scott-Lee, have been appearing in a reality TV show called Totally Scott-Lee.

The show follows the Scott-Lees, Andy and his sister Lisa, as they prepare to turn themselves into celebrity jelly moulds buried in a Louisiana swamp.

Or is it the show in which cameras follow Lisa as she builds up to the release of her cutting-edge new single? It’s hard to be certain without watching. But watching we will be.

As perhaps will Kerry. If she does, we expect her to look on and offer her succinct and insightful comments on the show in her much missed OK! diary.

And if we’re really lucky, she might even poke her tongue out – providing she can push it through those teeth…’

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