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by | 16th, August 2005

‘WASN’T Big Brother am-ay-zing!

It’s the only way to stop the itching

The bit where whatshisname did that thing with whatshisname and whathisname was looking on pulling that face he pulls… It was soooo brill-i-yant.

And then there was Anthony. If ever there was a man born to dance across the nation’s 32-inch plasma screens it was Ant, who fits so smugly onto the magic box.

He’s sooo niy-ce. Unless, of course, you listen to what his former fiancée, Leanne Wales, has to say about him.

“He obviously has two sides to him,” says Leanne. “And the life he led with me was the fake life.”

Seems that Anthony was never all that true to his true love, and bedded loadsa women while he was in Newcastle and holidaying in Magaluf.

Though no longer an item, Leanne says she was with Anthony the night before he entered the Big Brother house. But she’ll never be with him again. What he did inside that den of iniquity is unforgivable.

When she saw her man frolicking with his housemate Makosi in the pool, she “laughed at how pathetic and sad he was”. She goes on: “You just wouldn’t do that on the telly, would you? That’s how much he wants to win, by having sex on TV.”

It also made Leanne think that if her man could have unprotected sex with a wannabe housemate on live TV, then he could have done it with loadsa other girls. “I will see a doctor to get checked out,” says Leanne, “just to make sure.”

And perhaps Anthony, Makosi and anyone else who used the Big Brother pool can do the same…’

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