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Ravy Davy

by | 22nd, August 2005

‘“MMMMM mmmm aaahhh beeee aaaaaammmmm oooooooaaaaa. Aaaaaameeeeen.”

‘Chelsy was in the counting house, counting out her money..’

An extract there from a hymn as mumbled by many number of Royal churchgoers on Sundays past.

Many is the time we’ve heard the great organ fire up and looked on as the Royal Family have made barely a sound as they mouthed the words to a song of praise.

But things are set to change. The Star tells us that the Royal Family has a pop star in its midst. Step under the spotlight and tell us what you want, what you really, really want, Chelsy Davy.

Prince Harry’s girlfriend has just signed a three-album deal with a South African record label to be a “royal Britney Spears”.

As a source tells the paper: “Chelsy has all the attributes that you need to be great recoding artist.”

Can’t argue with that. Though we‘ve yet to hear her sing, Chelsy is blonde, does have a famous boyfriend and, er, did we mention that she’s blonde?

If Harry can be persuaded to follow a career in professional football, then the sky will surely be the limit for Chelsy.

But what will she sing? Sources say she wants to be a singer in vein of Norah Jones. “She wants to do something that is rock-based or folky.”

So look out for Chelsy’s version of Green Sleeves, a cover version of Puff The Magic Dragon and Prince Philip wielding the flat end of his rifle as Chelsy invites the family to hit her, baby, one more time…’

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