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by | 26th, August 2005

‘TIME now to take look at the other side of youth Britain and the Sun’s story of Rachel Grandey, who yesterday scooped 15 A*s and two As in her GCSEs.

Tries hard, could do better

But rather than being crushed at her glaring failure to achieve a perfect score, and then only for 17 subjects, Rachel poses for the paper’s snapper.

No, not in her knickers and a cheeky grin. This girl’s no expert in bikiniology. She’s a brainiac, which, according to the third law of tabloid means she must pose for a shot with a violin cuddled under her chin.

Winning a GCSE is, of course, as the papers have told us at no small length, child’s play – and here’s a child to show us how easy it is.

Step forward and show us your gappy teeth, six-year-old “whizzkid” schoolboy Armaan Genomal, the proud recipient of a GCSE in Information and Communication Technology.

He completed the course at a private college, as well as attending usual lessons at his prep school, in nine months, coos the Mirror. “It was quite easy actually,” says the lad. “I came out of the exam with a smile.”

But before we get too carried away, the Mirror also tells us that Armaan secured a B grade. Can we dare venture that this year’s youngest winner of a GCSE should have spent a month or two longer at his studies? But he is young, and resisting overconfidence and learning to apply himself is something he can learn.

Providing that he stays on the straight and narrow, and never buys a gun that fires ball bearings, bits of potato or, heaven forbid, water…’

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