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Don’t Worry Baby

by | 26th, August 2005

‘IN Hello!, homes are always stunning, the descendants of the famous are always talented and babies are always born by an emergency Caesarean in a moment that can be best described as a miracle.

Cut the cord!

“Luckily” for angle-voiced singer Carnie Wilson, granddaughter of Beach Boy Brian Wilson, there was a hospital close by when she went in labour, and trained medics pulled out Lola Sophia via the VIP exit on 22 April.

Of course, the child should have been called Barbara Ann in honour of granddad, whose music was played in the delivery room.

“We played his music from the start,” says Carnie, who perhaps hoped that her little 7lb 2oz bundle of brown hair and hazel eyes would forgo the need for knives and stitches and just surf out of the womb on a placenta board, a wave of amniotic fluid and a rush of pure joy.

But it was not to be. Good vibrations were not enough, and nature was given a helping hand by the medical profession.

Now mother and daughter are doing just fine. Although Carnie admits that the first few weeks after the birth were daunting. “I was scared,” says she. “And you’re so afraid you’re going to fail this baby. What if you drop her or hurt her? She’s totally dependent on you and it’s scary.”

And not just you the child depends on, but the nanny too, even if she “only” comes in on Saturdays.

But Lola has no need to be scared. How can she be when mum is busy recording a new CD of lullabies to sooth her young mind. The recording is a mixture of classic songs and tunes that Carnie has co-written. It’s called Lolabies.

There really is nothing to be scared about…’

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