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We Should Coco

by | 26th, August 2005

‘ARE princesses made or are they born?

Whosoever this thong shall fit…

It’s a question that’s as fascinating today as it was when Hans Christian Andersen piled up twenty mattresses under twenty eiderdowns, stuck a pea beneath the lot and invited a young woman to lie on top.

To our mind, princesses have a nascent quality, a kernel of purity within. This is manifest in many ways, whether it be the ability to feel a pea beneath a mountain of feathers and bedsprings or having a body unlike normal, common women.

Take Courteney Cox. To the untrained eye she is an actress, a faker, a charlatan who for money pretends to be what she is not. She is a performer.

But she is also deeply special. This we know because she tells us that when her baby daughter Coco turned six months she couldn’t sleep. “My heart was racing.”

She should have checked under her mattress for a small round green vegetable. But peas are so last year, and Courteney went to the doctor instead. And there she found out that “my hormones had been pummelled”.

Most women do not have pummelled hormones after birth – they have varicose veins, stretch marks and spots. Likewise, most women do not have emergency Caesarean sections and miracle births. These are the preserve of the modern princesses.

As is a sense of duty. The public demands what the public gets, and Courteney knows that ever princess must have an heir.

“I look at Coco and say ‘I’m blessed. Why should I mess with this. Should I take any chances?’”, says Courteney. “But we’ve got to try for a boy.”

If not for herself, then at least for her people and for her domain…’

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