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Blowing It

by | 31st, August 2005

‘“I BLEW £1m LOTTO IN YEAR,” says the Sun’s front-page headline in story on “waster” Wendy Graham.

A Laura unto herself

That headline pretty much gives readers the entire story. But the best bit is not that mum-of-one Wendy spent £15,000 on male hookers and much of the rest on champagne, drugs and gambling, but that she’s now living on benefits.

Pictured flipping the finger to the Sun’s readership, 26-year-old Wendy says: “The money has been a curse. Someone said to me I’d never spend it all – well you should never dare a fool.”

But before we condemn Wendy for living for the moment and using the money to enjoy herself, we should consider how hard it is to spend so much cash.

In truth, it’s easy. Over in the Mail, there’s a story of a garage in Notting Hill, London, that’s just been sold for £240,000.

And back in the Sun there’s the news that Wayne Rooney and the chav-tastic Coleen McLoughlin have hired an interior designer to do up their new mansion in Cheshire.

And it’s not just any designer – it’s ”flamboyant” Laura McCree, who has appeared on BBC TV’s Changing Rooms makeover show. (The BBC website quotes McCree: “I love being creative in the way that I look and how I live my life…Being normal doesn’t come into the equation.”)

The paper says that so wacky and cray-zee is McCree that the couple could be in for a shock if they give her free rein on their £3.5million home.

And it’s not hard to see how the bill could run up and up and up, perhaps all the way to a £1million. What with the house’s Burberry cap-style roof and all…’

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