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The Ring Cycle

by | 2nd, September 2005

‘WHEN she’s not having her nails done with Jordan’s hens, Michelle Heaton spends her time being proposed to in Marbella by try-try-try-again wannabe pop star Andy Scott-Lee.


We leave Michelle’s hen night for another time, and for now make do with the news that the couple – “one a template for boy band good looks and the other a sexy pin-up with dance moves that would make anyone blush” (but which is which?) – are planning the ubiquitous “fairy-tale wedding”.

But before that we get to hear how the engagement happened. “Well, it’s quite long-winded,” says Michelle. Of course, she meant to say “it’s totally enthralling”, but what with the giddiness of her romance, we forgive her this singular imperfection.

And so to the tale, which began in Jamaica, where thanks to favourable exchange rates, they both got engagement rings. And moves onto Marbella, where Andy changes his for a different one.

Better? Apparently. But still not perfect. To achieve the ideal ring, they looked for inspiration. And they found it via a call to Peter Andre and Katie Price, who told them of a “ring maker” they knew.

Eat yer heart out JRR Tolkien as Michelle goes into book three of this saga with no sign of slowing down. “All of a sudden”, as Andy says, they were driving 40 miles to this place to get the rings altered.

But – get this! – Andy needed the rings quick smart to propose to his beloved. So without her knowing he drove back to the ring maker to pick up the remade rings and then return to the hotel to pop the question.

What happened next? Can you guess? That’s right. Andy got down on one knee. His agent called her agent who told OK! who arranged a photo shoot and ordered in lots of clothes for them to wear.

Oh, and they both got to wear their rings. And leave us to wonder which is the more precious – the rings or the lovers..?’

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