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Go Figure

by | 2nd, September 2005

‘ODD isn’t it that Abi Titmuss is now more famous that John Leslie. Odder still that she is no friend of Michelle Heaton.

Not Abi Titmuss

But Abi can’t have everything. She can try. But she can’t. It just wouldn’t be fair on the rest of womankind.

So she has to be content with her “fab figure”, her career as a “lads’ mag favourite” and dating former professional footballer Lee Sharpe.

Who knows, Michelle Heaton may well read the OK! piece and be impressed enough to befriend the former nurse who rose to fame on the end of another woman’s tongue.

Indeed, it’s hard not to be touched by the Titmuss, as she tells us about her weight (9st) and how she doesn’t deny herself anything, but has stopped eating “carbs” after six. D’yer see?

“I fill up on lots of non-starchy veg and watch my portions,” says Abi, using language that is sure to excite her legion of pimply-faced fans. A group that will splutter into their sticky hands as Abi says how she’s replaced sugary fats with “good fats like avocado to fill me up”.

While the minds of young men begin to boggle with vision of Abi and bumpy pear-sized fruits, Abi moves on to a breakfast of muesli and soya milk. Some fish salad or vegetables for lunch. Organic soup for dinner. And lots of Brail nuts, “which help beat depression”.

What’s this? Abi has depression? No, dummy, Abi has Brazil nuts. But if she was feeling a little low, who could blame her after the press called her “Flabby Abi”.

“I mean,” says Abi, 29, “what sort of message is it sending out of young girls saying that being 10st is fat? For my height, I’m not fat.”

Although it’s hard to gage her height when she’s lying down, and in so doing setting an example to young girls that being what she calls a “normal curvy girl” is no barrier to success. In fact, Abi’s kind of success positively demands such a figure…’

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