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by | 5th, September 2005

‘WHEN we learnt Keith Richards’ daughter has become a model, we sat for a while and wondered.

Richards and Jagger are happy with their genes

Keith may well be the man conventional weapons cannot kill, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t carry the scars of battle. There is plenty of blast damage to the old rocker. And even before he was under attack from within and without, his face was not the prettiest.

Happily, as is the way with these things, the career-minded daughter always favours the model mum’s looks. And so it is that Theodora Richards is following in the footsteps of her mother, Keith’s wife of 21 years, Pattie Hansen.

Dad may be one of the biggest rock stars ever, but in the modelling game his role is reduced to that of porter – he opens doors. And he’s just opened one marked “Mango”. And once inside, great things happen and Theodora is invited to become the new face of the Spanish fashion chain’s new campaign.

She accepted the offer. And we wish her well. If Mick Jagger’s girl Lizzy and, remarkably, Ron’s Wood’s daughter Leah can consider paid modelling, than why not Theodora?

And if it all goes wrong, and she somehow fails to be the new Jerry Hall, Bianca Jagger or Pattie Hansen – and how can it ever fail? – Theodora can squeeze herself into her other genes and try singing.

She detests the piano, and her old piano lessons. “Singing, though – I would have liked that. Now I sing all the time!”

And if Keith can just open the shower door a bit wider, we may all one day get to hear her…’

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